Steps to take for ACCA students and affiliates who want to register as ACA students.

Now if you have decided to start ICAEW.Let's start the process:
1: Go to ICAEW website and complete registration. 
Make sure you have stable Internet connection and 15 mins. Because if you didn't complete the registration process altogether, then you will have to start over the process, which is very irritating. 
The brief process is that you go on Welcome to | ICAEW ,   
click join us,  
Register as student, 
then complete the general sign up(as we do sign up on other websites like twitter etc).  (at end you will get "Continue student registration", click on it) 
Now if there is a ICAEW employer willing to give you a contract then select the "ACCA -In training agreement option. 
If you have not yet got a willing employer then select "Independent student option. 
Then you will have enter your "educational & professional qualifications" etc. You can figure these details out.  
The last section will be Fee payment. I used my UBL Wiz Card.You can choose whichever is best for you. 
There is NO VAT applicable on Pakistani students.
2: Complete your registration 
Wait for confirmation email.Soon you will receive email that you have registered for ACA.You will also receive your registration number in this email.(just like the one in ACCA). They will now ask for your transcripts and Certificate of ACCA.  
Now you email these documents at the email address they provided. 
3: Apply for CPL(Credits for Prior Learning) 
Till September 2016, there are was NO exemption fees charged to ACCA students & affiliates. 
First download the CPL form from here. 
Then fill it with right details and with a black pen. 
Now you can scan it and email to icaew. Or you can send it to address mentioned on CPL form.

Exemptions Chart on ACCA Papers

Note: this post is to just to assist. Your main resource is ICAEW website. Read through website. Read FAQs of all relevant sections.Get help from Live Help. Call them on skype for free. Email them in case of any confusion.

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